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Locksec Security is a truly local business servicing all areas from Neutral Bay, Cremorne, Mosman, Kirribilli, Cammeray to all the Lower North Shore and Greater Sydney.

Our expert team cater to a range of services utilising the latest and most reliable equipment and products to deliver quality workmanship. Our qualified team have a wealth of experience to help you with every aspect of security.

For all your lock and security needs , or just some friendly advice, give us a call or drop in and see us

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Businesss, Home, Corporate & Commercial Security

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Locksec Security use the latest, most reliable products from Australia's largest brands including Lockwood, Abus, Brava, ADI, Whitco, Kaba and many more.

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SALTO Wireless Access Control SVN & KS

SALTO wireless Access Control Solutions!

  • Add and remove users onsite by client
  • Large scale lockdown features
  • Use existing locks with add on handles to activate your access
  • No wiring required


XS4 is the new access control platform from SALTO enabling users to control and manage a greater range of applications than ever before. Smart, secure and innovative, XS4 Comfort Electronic lever sets need no hard wiring and provide a totally wire free networked electronic locking solution with a great range of features.

The XS4-67 wide body versions are specially designed to fit on most Australian doors, and work with the majority of mortice locks and common tubular latches. It is specially designed for use on busy, high traffic doors that need additional strength.

Wireless for real-time control using SVN Salto Virtual Network.

Full Demonstrations available 99042147

Master Licence: 000104992

Window Locks

  • Whitco Multi-Bolt
  • Suitable for Sliding, open out and double hung windows
  • Suitable for timber and aluminium windows
  • Available in Black, primrose, white, silver and brown
  • Whitco Vent lock
  • Sliding aluminium window lock
  • Push button locking function
  • Available in Black, primrose, white, silver and brown
Whitco Sash Window Lock
  • Suitable for double hung windows, timber or Aluminium
  • Key locked
  • Available in Black, primrose, white, silver and brown
Whitco Lockable Window Winder lock MK8
  • Lockable chain type window winder
  • Suitable for Timer and Aluminium awning windows
  • Push button lock
  • Available in Black, brown, white, primrose

Master Licence: 000104992

Security door locks

Whitco MK2 Tasman
  • Lock using internal snib or key
  • Multi locking point kits available
  • Available in Black, primrose and White
Whitco MK3 Tasman
  • Dual select locking feature
  • Extra wide serrated locking bolt
  • Multi bolt locking kits are available
  • Available in black, primrose, white
Whitco Leichhardt
  • Morticed sliding screen door lock, locks using the key to deadlock or the internal snib.
  • Available in Black, silver, white, primrose and brown

Master Licence: 000104992

Restricted keying Systems

This restricted key system offers you complete protection and security.  Do you want to control your keys and know who has those keys?

  • Restricted keys are numbered and can only be cut by Locksec
  • Manipulation resistant
  • Patent Protected products
  • A massive variety of locking products accept the EVVA Security Systems, Secure 6, so you will be a step closer to high level security
  • Call to discuss your needs and a quote. Jake: 9904 2147
  • Check us out on the Locksmith Guild of Australia Website!

Locksec is a member of the Master Locksmiths Association

Master Licence: 000104992

Residential Entrance Sets

Carbine 9000 Entrance Set – square handle
  • Residential application
  • Available in Satin Stainless Steel, Brown and gold
  • Replace old one or new install call me for a price! 99042147
Carbine 9000 entrance set round handle
  • Residential Application
  • Available in Satin Stainless Steel, Brown and gold
  • Replace old one or install new call me for a price! 99042147

Master Licence: 000104992

Patio Bolts

  • Whitco patio bolts offer a higher level of modular security for all patio bolt applications.
  • Available in Black, White, Brown, Primrose and silver
Lockwood Patio Bolt
  • The Lockwood 680 Patio Bolt is strong, heavy duty, surface mounted and will improve security in a range of residential sliding doors
  • Available in White, brown, black, primrose and chrome.
  • Can be keyed alike to main access doors

Master Licence: 000104992

Mortice Locks

Lockwood 3572 Mortice Lock
  • The 3572 vestibule series offers various latching functions by a key or handle outside and a turnknob, key or handle inside.
  • It easily adapts to the required situation by the addition of cylinders, cams and adaptors and complies to building regulations for single action escape doors.
  • Fire rated to 4 hours
Lockwood 3582 short backset mortice lock
  • Same functions as the 3572 and can achieve any function with the change of a cam
  • Ideal for Aluminium frame open out fire door.

Master Licence: 000104992

Lockwood 001 Touch

The 001Touch™ combines a stylish digital touch screen keypad with the security of the Lockwood 001 deadlatch. The simple convenience of using a pin code means you never have to carry keys again! Access control convenience with the Lockwood confidence.


  • Touch screen keypad.
  • Pin number or RFID card/tag.
  • 4 – 12 digit code.
  • Cryptic code function.
  • Add and delete individual users.
  • Choice of Ezy Mode 1 to 20 users and Advanced mode – Program 1 to 40 users.
  • Automatic relocking after 5 seconds
  • Visitor pin code valid for 3 to 336 hours.
  • Passage mode for daytime use.
  • Audible tone can be turned on or off.
  • Battery check.
  • Low battery warning light.
  • Time out when incorrect code entered 5 times of 3 minutes.

Master Licence: 000104992

Internal Passage & Privacy sets

Carbine internal privacy set
  • Tiebolt fixing
  • Can be locked on internal side, but unlocked from outside using the safety release
  • Latch adjustable 60-70 mm
  • Available in Satin Stainless steel, Antique Bronze, Polished Brass
Carbine Internal passage set
  • Tiebolt fixing
  • Latch adjustable 60-70mm
  • Available in Satin stainless steel, Antique Bronze and Polished Brass

Master Licence: 000104992

Home & Unit Deadlatches

  • Lockwood 001 Deadlatch
  • Automatic Deadlatching
  • Internal Deadlocking
  • Available in: satin chrome, chrome plate, gold.
  • Lockwood 002 Lever
  • Used on high rise unit doors
  • Automatic dead latching
  • Lockwood 001 lever
  • Used on Unit doors
  • Automatic dead latching

Master Licence: 410488563

Glass Sliding door locks

  • Whitco Blaxland
  • Reversible to suit any door
  • Two stage locking
  • Suits aluminium and timber doors
  • Available in silver, white, black and primrose
  • Lockwood Onyx
  • Sliding patio door lock
  • Non-handed
  • Industry standard 82 mm fixing centres
  • Twin locking beaks for added security
  • Door closed detection (DCD)anti slam protects locking beaks from damage
  • Lock Alert indicator shows the lock status at a glance
  • DualSelect® enables two stage locking

Master Licence: 000104992

Fire compliant Leversets & Knobsets

Brava Metro storeroom Lever 8062
  • Storeroom function
  • Outside lever always clutching, key retracts the latch.
  • Inside lever free at all times.
  • Clutching lever feature to prevent forcing.
  • Screw post to prevent lock rotation are removable.
  • Carolina lever design.
  • Cylindrical fixing.
  • Compatible with most restricted keying systems.
  • Fire rated
  • Finished in satin chrome
Lockwood 998 Escape Deadlatch
  • outside function: opened by key only. Outside handle is rigid at all times
  • inside function: opened by handle at all times
Brava metro Storeroom Knob 3062
  • Commercial Knobset
  • Available in many functions: Entrance set, Vestibule set, Double cylinder and many others
Lockwood 538 Commercial Knobset
  • Commercial Knobset
  • Available in 60mm, 70mm and 127mm backset
  • Available in many different functions

Master Licence: 000104992

Electronic Locking Solutions

FSH Electric Strike

FES20 series electric strikes are designed for use with all access control systems.

The FES20 series now come with a 10 mm strike lip as standard, to prevent possible personal injury and damage to clothing as with the 15 mm lip. A 5 mm lip extension is included with the strike if needed.

Fail safe/fail secure is changeable on site.

Suitable for use on hinged doors to work with a extensive range of locks.

FSH V Lock

The patented EcoLock™ VE1260 range is a high torque motor driven drop bolt with up to 35kg pre-load/side load tolerance.

It can be installed vertically or horizontally and can be used on 180° swing through opening doors.

FSH Drop Bolt

The DB1260 is designed for installation on narrow frame swing doors, and/or glass door mounting. The drop bolt body depth of 35 mm will fit into a 44 mm depth door frame.

The drop bolt is available in either “Power To Lock” or “Power To Release” format.

FSH Single door magnetic lock

FSH FEM5700 series maglock to suit single door monitored.

Monitored versions supplied with anti tamper plate as standard to prevent hostile attacks on dome-nut fixing bolt.

Master Licence: 000104992

Master Licence: 000104992

Electronic Car keys

Wide range of affordable electronic key solutions
Want a key that is weather durable? Don’t have a spare and don’t want to pay dealer prices?
We copy your existing electronic car key and turn it into a everyday spare.
For a fraction of the cost of a dealer key, using quality italian made silca parts, it will save you when you need it.


At Locksec we can also program an all in one remote & key, for half the price of a dealership key. Check out the flyer below and call or see us in store for price and information.

Master Licence: 000104992


Brava Urban Double Cylinder Deadbolt D362
  • Double Cylinder deadbolt
  • Locking achieved by key at all times
  • Concealed fixing
  • Available in satin chrome, gold and antique bronze
Lockwood 355 Deadlock
  • Double Cylinder Deadlock for opening or sliding doors
  • Available in satin chrome only

Master Licence: 410488563

Commercial Fire Compliant Dead latches

Lockwood 002 Deadlatch
  • Automatic single cylinder deadlatch
  • Internal turnknob
  • Hold back function
  • Available in Gold, brown, chrome plate and satin chrome
Lockwood 002 Fire Regulation Deadlatch with lever
  • Automatic single cylinder deadlatch
  • Internal lever
  • Hold back function
  • Available for open out doors
  • Available in Satin chrome, chrome plate and gold

Master Licence: 000104992